Our pawrents met in 2005 while working at Universal Orlando's Men in Black: Alien Attack. They became

best friends, started dating 7 years later, and

got married (finally!) in March 2018.

Two days later, they went BALD to help raise funds for Children's Cancer Research for the St. Baldrick's Foundation.


Team Live Out Loud has raised over $50,000 in seven years, with Mom raising over $26k in 2018 alone for 19" of long purple hair. They have a goal of raising $100k by 2020.

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{kay-cee; KC}

Mom is a Jersey born, Florida livin' type of chick. She hates wearing shoes, and so we often walk her through sharp objects on the ground for fun.

An award winning Social Media Specialist and Photographer, Mom gets to work from anywhere with us and is usually the human behind our account.

She grew up with a GSP named Mocha, and that sparked the love of pointers in her family. (Kenobi's grandmother's name was also Mocha!)

She spent years dreaming of us, and spent late nights looking for us - and now here we are!



Dad is the BEST tennis ball thrower around - much better than Mom who tends to launch them over the fence which ends all the fun. 

He is an Engineering Technician and manages Social Media for small businesses.

Dad grew up with Dobermans and a Jack Russel Terrier, which we hear are basically smaller versions of us.

He is a lover of the ocean, can't get enough of IPAs (which mom says are "gross") and will do anything to make his girls happy.


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