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Please know that we do not accept every request, but choose to work with high quality brands that reflect our vision. 


Brands We've Worked With

OTHER BRANDS WE'VE WORKED WITH: Vivamune, Jack and Pup, The Pin Cause, Bonlaterre Shampoo, Petqwerks....and YOU?

Product Reviews

Would you like us to do a full review on your product? Need an instructional video made? Let us know! We'd love to help!

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Coming Soon!

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Therapy Visits

Do you know of someone we might be able to visit in the Orlando area? Let us know! We'll do our best to bring them some smiles.


Do you have an event you'd like the Pawsitive Pointers to make an appearance at? Drop us a line and we'll send you our deTAILS.


Send a Pawsitive Postcard


We love bringing smiles to everyone we meet and leaving them with Pawsitive Vibes!


But we know that many live outside the Orlando area, are serving overseas or, sadly, confined to hospital rooms.

Since our family is very big on GIVING BACK -- we wanted to offer the opportunity for you to send your family and friends who need a burst of happiness a PAWSITIVE POSTCARD!

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